Unfair teachers cause headaches

Unfair teachers can cause headaches in adolescents, according to an Italian study published in the journal Headache.  About 40% of 4,386 adolescents suffered from headaches at least once a week.  Girls were more likely to have headaches and kids who had better classmate social support had fewer headaches.  The researchers used an established  “Teacher and Classmate Support Scale” to measure these effects and also took into account other factors that could have skewed the data.  They looked at family and friend empowerment, bullying, school achievement, and trust in people, and none of those factors seemed to play a role in causing headaches.  Psychological stress worsens headaches in adults too, but it seems to have a more pronounced effect in adolescents.

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  1. Shok Robertson says: 04/10/20099:30 am

    Interesting find since I am a teacher. But how about the migraines students cause teachers? NO matter how much extra help, and no matter how many extra miles and nights teachers put in, studetns (and their families) still lack “studying” and performing while teachers are expected to “leave no child behind”. I think shifting some of responsibility toward the students and parents should be addressed as well.
    Shok Robertson (Algebra Teacher)
    PS expecting students to do their homework and getting a zero for not doing the homework is not “unfair” practice by the teacher.

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