The prognosis of migraine – will it go away?

How long will I suffer from migraines?  Will it ever go away?  These are very common questions patients ask their doctors.  Drs. Bigal and Lipton reviewed a recent large study that looked at what happens to migraine patients within one year of observation.  The study found that migraine completely went away in 10%, improved in 3% and worsened and became chronic (occurring on more than 15 days each month) in 3%.  This confirms what we’ve know all along – migraine headaches tend to go away with age.  In women this often happens after menopause and in men at around similar age; however this study and our experience indicates that for many people migraines may go away earlier, at any point in their lives.  The problem is that we can never predict when this will happen and in a small percentage of patients (about 3%) migraines never go away.