Noise and Migraines

Noise is a well-known trigger of migraines. Recent findings by WHO researchers indicate that excessive exposure to noise causes other health hazards as well. Noise from daytime traffic can result in chronic stress with an increase in the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Installing noise-insulating windows and using noise-cancelling ear phones can be helpful, albeit expensive. Listening to music to drown out the noise is another option, but can be hazardous when walking in the streets of a big city. Mayor Bloomberg’s recent focus on reducing noise pollution in New York City is a step in the right direction.

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  1. Jessica says: 10/01/20103:44 pm

    I like the blog – good job! I always choose to go with the alternative remedies. I am fed up with seeing the latest “Wonder Drug”, solely to seek out out a 12 months or two later that it causes some horrible disease. I really like the television commercials for prescribed drugs, I guess they must checklist any known side-results (that is good) nevertheless it often makes the facet-effects of the remedy sound worse then the disease.

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