Most common time of day for migraine attack

Migraine is most likely to occur at noon, according to an article just published in Headache by Norwegian researchers.  Although only 58 patients participated in this year-long study, there was a very clear peak of occurrence at noon.  This finding is different from what was reported in previous studies, which suggested that the most likely time for a migraine attack is in early morning hours.  The authors speculate that the restorative effects of sleep and work stress may be responsible for their finding.

  1. rebeca says: 04/19/20112:38 am

    in my case it happens only in the night and then i think that if i go to sleep it would go away, but no!! it gets worst and late night i have to take my medicine but there’s nothing much to do, the pain is allready there :(, also the pain is only located in one side of the brain and its always the same side

  2. Barb says: 10/28/20088:10 am

    Thanks for writing this.

  3. Christy says: 03/27/20088:05 am

    I agree with that, in my experience.

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