More on colored lenses and migraines

Bright light can trigger migraine headaches and many migraine sufferers have increased sensitivity to light during an attack.  A recent report has suggested that wearing amber colored lenses (Nike Maxsight) can relieve the light sensitivity.  For some of our patients wearing these lenses has allowed them to go outdoors on a sunny day without getting a migraine.  A new report in the journal Drug Development Research proposed a theory that each patient might best benefit from an individually selected tint (PSF, or precision spectral filters).  The article, Prevention of visual stress and migraine with precision spectral filters presents a convincing argument which should be relatively easy to test.  PSF appears to be more easily available in the UK where most of the research has been conducted.  

  1. Adam says: 03/20/201410:13 pm

    Any updates on what manufacturer provides quality Amber color contact lenses?

  2. Dr. Mauskop says: 03/12/200812:29 pm

    Amber (orange) color is probably the best, but some people prefer green. Unfortunately, the Nike Maxsight lenses are being discontinued, but similar colored contact lenses may be available from other manufacturers.

  3. Maria says: 03/12/200812:03 pm

    What color lense would you recommend for working indoors under bright lights when you have a migraine?

  4. Dr. Mauskop says: 02/07/200810:28 am

    Not all eye doctors and optometrists carry these lenses, but you can find one near you at this web site:
    You can also buy them from many on-line retailers if you know your contact lens prescription or if you don’t need any vision correction.

  5. Christy says: 02/07/200810:01 am

    Does anybody know if these are easy to get from eye doctors, or are a lot of them not aware? Bright sunlight is a trigger for me, and I would love to be able to go outside without dreading what’s coming later.

  6. Meg Q says: 01/31/20085:49 pm

    Very interesting. Wearing largish sunglasses with wide “arms” and with dark amber, polarized lenses makes a huge difference to me in being able to tolerate glare and overcoming light sensitivity. It always did when I lived in Texas, but, surprisingly, it makes perhaps an even bigger difference here in Edmonton, Alberta, where it is usually very sunny but can often have thin, low cloud cover – conditions for glare. The range of options Nike is providing is pretty amazing.

    Thanks for the info. Came here from the Daily Headache – look forward to reading more!

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