More Botox studies

Botox has been shown to relieve migraine headaches in another two studies published in Headache.  One study compared the efficacy of Botox and an epilepsy drug, Depakote and found them to be equally effective.  However, Depakote caused more side effects, which resulted in more patients taking Depakote dropping out of the study.  The second study was done in patients who had difficulty complying with daily preventive medications.  Half of them were injected with Botox and the other half with saline water.  Neither the doctor nor the patient knew who received which treatment (double-blind study).  The impact of migraines on patients’ lives was significantly improved by Botox.  These two studies by leading headache specialists provides additional proof that Botox is effective for the relief of migraine headaches.

  1. Dr. Mauskop says: 01/11/200912:00 am

    Neurological symptoms that you describe do improve when they accompany a headache, however I am not aware of any reports and have never treated patients with these symptoms without a headache. We usually inject Botox into the sites of pain, so it would be difficult to decide where to inject when there is no pain. If these symptoms occur both with and without headaches, it is possible that Botox will help.

  2. Carol says: 01/10/200910:51 pm

    Does Botox help with atypical migraines, i.e., migraines with neuroligical symptoms as dizziness or nausea or numbness, but no headache?

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