Migraine in left-handed

For many years migraines have been thought to occur more often in left-handed people, but a new study from Germany disputes this theory.  A recent study published in journal Cephalalgia looked at 100 people with migraines and 100 controls and also reviewed five similar studies and found no difference in the incidence of migraines in left-handed and right-handed people.  This has been the observation at our headache clinic as well. 

  1. Anonymous says: 05/21/200811:53 pm

    I have had migraines since I was five, and I am left handed. When I was pregnant, actually during the fourth and fifth month they got MUCH worse.
    As I have gotten older they have changed, but not gone away. My foster mother has had them all her life, still has them, and she is in her late 70s.

  2. Marijke says: 04/27/200810:06 pm

    That’s interesting; I’d never heard that theory before. I’ve had migraines since childhood and I’m as right-handed as you can get.

  3. Dr. Mauskop says: 04/11/200810:20 pm

    In two out of three women migraines stop during pregnancy and after menopause.

  4. lola says: 04/11/20083:24 pm

    does it ever go away? is it true that when you get pregnant migranes go away?

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