Memantine for migraines

Memantine is an old medication which has been available in Europe for over 30 years, but was only recently introduced in this country for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.  Memantine blocks a specific receptor in the brain cells.  Activation of this so called NMDA receptor is responsible for many negative effects, including pain and nerve cell damage.  As soon as the drug was introduced in the US pain and headache specialists tried using it for pain, but probably because it is a weak blocker of the NMDA receptor our experience with this drug has not been very impressive.  However, in the recent issue of journal Headache Greek doctors report that one patient with chronic migraines obtained complete relief due to memantine.  One case report clearly does not prove that memantine is going to work for any significant percentage of patients.  However, this drug has relatively few side effects and if the usual treatments fail it may be worth trying.

  1. deborah says: 09/26/200810:15 am

    wouldn’t it be nice if the insurance companies would pay more attention to the prescribing physicians, than their own. In this case; mine! I have been taking Namenda since May ’05 with positive results, and just recently my ins co has decided to decline me from it due to their own physicians stating my inability to need the medication for it’s purposes. ie: the medication is for Alzheimers not pain management for Migraine Disease.

  2. Christine Webb says: 02/09/20086:34 pm

    I read of a recent US trial at, which reported promising results for both migraine and TTH

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