Long-term outcome of vestibular migraine with vertigo

Vertigo is a common symptom in patients suffering from migraine headaches. Vestibular migraine is a new category of migraine proposed by German researchers led by Dr. Andrea Radtke.  In the current issue of Neurology Dr. Radtke and her colleagues report on the long-term outcomes of 61 patients with this condition. The average follow-up period was 9 years. Unfortunately, 87% of sufferers still had vertigo and in 56% it improved, 29% it worsened and in 16% it remained unchanged. In 21% the impact of vertigo on their lives was severe, in 43% moderate and in 36% mild. Mild hearing loss occurred in 11 or 18% of patients.This report does not mention what kind of treatments were attempted in these patients. It is possible that aggressive therapy with vestibular rehabilitation, possibly acupuncture, magnesium, other supplements and medication can make a difference.

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