Infant colic and migraine

Infant colic appears to be more common in babies whose mothers suffers from migraines, according to a just published study by researchers at UCSF. This study looked at 154 infant-mother pairs and discovered that the risk of colic increases 2.6 times if mother suffers from migraines. Dr. Amy Gelfand, the pediatric neurologist who was the lead author concluded that infant colic could be the earliest manifestation of migraine headaches. We also know that some people who suffer from migraines report being told by their parents that as infants they had brief attacks of vomiting associated with paleness which seemingly were not related to food intake. This study confirms the old suspicion that migraines can begin from infancy. While we have many effective therapies, the true cure of migraines will come from genetic therapies, which unfortunately are decades away.

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