How to avoid holiday headaches, part 1

Holiday headaches are quite avoidable, but to avoid them you have to have willpower.  I know myself that it is hard to resist all the chocolate that surrounds you during the holidays.  If you have a choice, pick milk chocolate over dark.  There is no scientific proof, but in my case I find that the higher the cocoa content the more likely I will get a headache.  Of course I, like many other chocoholics do not consider milk chocolate real chocolate and don’t bother eating it.  For the most part I stay away from chocolate altogether because it is addictive – once you start eating it, it is hard to stop.  My headaches do respond to medication and when I do eat chocolate I make sure to have it handy.  Another way to avoid headaches from chocolate, or for that matter any other trigger, is to avoid having more than one trigger at a time.  That is if you want to have some chocolate do not also drink wine or do not eat chocolate if you did not get enough sleep.

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