Histamine for difficult to treat migraine and cluster headaches

Migraine and cluster headaches that do not respond to the usual treatments, may improve with injections of histamine.  Dr. Seymour Diamond of the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago has pioneered the use of histamine in cluster headaches.  We have found that in cluster headache patients for whom nothing else works histamine often provides excellent relief.  A recent study published in the journal European Neurology suggests that histamine injections may also help migraine patients. 

  1. Mr Clusters says: 01/25/20105:27 am

    I have never tried a histamine ‘injection’, although I have done the Histamine Desensitization Therapy at the Diamond Headache Clinic with very good results, when all else was failing. It did not completely get rid of my cluster headaches, but it did give me periods of relief, or small remission times, which helped me both physically and emotionally.

    Anyone who is struggling with CLUSTER HEADACHES where all else is failing, I urge you to give this a try. It might just change your whole life for the better !! It did mine !!

    Goodluck & Thanks again Dr. Merle Diamond !! (She used to know me as: ” I EAT IMITREX FOR BREAKFAST “…since I injected myself with imitrex several times everyday for years !! ) Remember me ??


  2. laureen williams says: 12/11/20082:46 pm

    is it ok to just treat the headaches as they come on rather than trying to prevent them from coming. my daughter has had headaches for about three 3 years now. preventative medications don’t seem to help. my daughter has reacted badly to 2 out of 3 drugs tried on her. the lastest cyproheptadine 4mg made her bp bottom out 70/30 sending her to the er. she only had one dose of the medication. she has a combination of migranes and cluster headaches. she is so affraid to take medications at this point in time. are there any herbals that might help her with them.

  3. Dr. Mauskop says: 05/12/20083:50 pm

    Basilar migraine is no longer considered different from migraine with aura. Histamine has not been studied extensively, but if most of the other options have failed it is worth a try.

  4. Erik says: 04/15/20083:26 am

    How does this work for basilar migraines? I feel like they drive me crazy sometimes it’s awfull.

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