Frovatriptan (Frova) helps menstrual migraines

Migraine headaches that occur at around the time of menstrual period tend to be more severe and more difficult to treat. Analysis of studies that involved 187 women with menstrual migraines who treated at least one of their attacks with frovatriptan (Frova) and one with another triptan showed that frovatriptan was more effective. While all triptans were equally effective in providing pain relief at 2 and 4 hours, rate of headache recurrence was significantly lower for frovatriptan. After 24 hours, 11% of women who took frovatriptan had a recurrence of their headache, but with other triptans 24% had their migraine come back. After 48 hours, the numbers were 15% for frovatriptan and 26% for other triptans. One caveat is that all of these studies were funded by the maker of frovatriptan.

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