Exercise-related headaches among cyclists

Exercise-induced headaches are thought to occur more often in people who do not exercise regularly and my usual recommendation is to exercise regularly, starting with low intensity and short duration exercise sessions. If headache occurs with minimal exertion, I suggest taking Advil (ibuprofen), Aleve (naproxen), Migralex (aspirin/magnesium) an hour before exercise for several weeks. However, it appears that even experienced athletes suffer from what is officially known as a primary exertional headache. Dutch researchers are reporting on the incidence of exercise-related headaches among cyclists in the latest issue of journal Headache. They performed an online survey of 4,000 participants of a very challenging cycling race. Thirty seven percent of them suffered from such headaches at least once a month and 10% had them at least once a week. Women were more likely to have these headaches – 54% vs 44% in men. Older cyclists were significantly less likely to have these headaches. Tension-type and migraine headaches were most common. Headache medications were used by 37% of participants. Extreme exertion was the most commonly reported contributing factor (50%), while some reported that low fluid intake (39%) and warm weather (39%) contributed to their headaches; 26% could not identify their trigger. Another possible trigger not reported in the article is neck strain. Riding sports bikes with low handlebars makes riders strain their neck and trigger a cervicogenic headache.
The authors concluded that these headaches are widely underestimated and may cause many people quit their sports. They also called for research into causes and treatment of exercise-related headaches.cycling

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  1. Doug T. says: 02/19/20136:15 pm

    I don’t know if anyone is familiar with this or to what extent it can be reproduced but the other day I stopped a headache by weightlifting. For this to work you might need to push to your lifting limit and strain a little. Hopefully this can help others as well.

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