Cramp Bark – another herb for migraines

Recently, a patient of mine reported that cramp bark has significantly improved her menstrual migraines. Cramp bark is a common shrub with red berries. Its bark has been used for over 100 years for muscle cramps, menstrual cramps, fluid retention, and other symptoms. Fortunately, it appears to be very safe and even though no scientific studies have been performed on it, it may be worth trying. I will start recommending it to women with menstrual migraines, menstrual cramping and patients with muscle spasms in their neck and upper back.

The two top herbs I recommend to my migraine patients are feverfew and boswellia. Feverfew has been subjected to scientific studies and seems to help some patients while causing almost no side effects. Boswellia has been reported to help even patients with cluster headaches, but no rigorous studies have been done. However, it is safe and because of its anti-inflammatory properties it can also help joint and muscle aches (see my blog post on Boswellia).

Butterbur, on the other hand is not always safe, so I haven’t been recommending it. Here is one of my blog posts on it.

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