Caffeine worsens headaches in adolescents.

The previous post mentioned a study confirming that caffeine makes headaches worse in adults 20 years or older. A study by pediatric neurologists from the Cleveland Clinic, Chad Whyte and David Rothner showed that this is also true in adolescents. They looked at 50 children, who were between 12 and 17 years of age who presented to their headache clinic. The average age was 15 and 64% were girls. The mean consumption of caffeine was 109 mg per day. In kids with chronic migraines the intake was 166 mg, while in the rest it was 65 mg. The most popular form of caffeine was soda drinks. This study further confirms the role of caffeine in causing worsening of headaches and leading to chronic migraines.

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  1. EM says: 12/07/20151:22 pm

    I recently experienced my first migraine last year. I had to go to the doctors office for it, and they gave me an IV, and told me to drink a lot of fluids. I was wondering the affect caffeine has on a migraine, and if it can make the migraine worse or better. After a week was over of my first migraine, I still was experiencing so dizziness and nausea. As I was trying to recover from this, I drank caffeine products and took relief medicine. I disagree, I think that caffeine can help some of the symptoms, you just have to be careful on how much caffeine you intake. This is a very good blog to look at. Thanks!

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