Botox helps tension headaches

Botulinum toxin injections relieve tension headaches, according to a study just published in the European Journal of Neurology .  Most of the previous studies had been conducted in patients with migraines or chronic migraines (more than 15 days of headaches a month).  There is much less evidence that Botox also helps tension headaches.  Our experience at the NYHC treating patients with tension headaches with Botox injections has been also very positive.  In this European study doctors used Dysport – a version of botulinum toxin type A that is not available in the US.  However, Dysport is very similar to Botox.  On the other hand, Myobloc, which is botulinum toxin type B,  is a very different version of botulinum toxin and in several aspects is inferior to Botox.

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