Botox for migraines – success predictors

A study just published by Dr. Mathew and his colleagues in the journal Headache reports that patients with chronic migraine headaches responded to Botox better than patients with chronic tension headaches. Patients who had headaches predominantly on one side and those with scalp tenderness had a better response to Botox. Scalp muscle tenderness was also a predictor of response in chronic tension headaches. Overall, Botox was highly effective in patients with chronic migraine – 76%, (54 out of 71 patients) obtained relief. Of those 54 patients 37 or 69% had one-sided headaches. Having headaches on both sides does not preclude success with Botox – 17 patients with bilateral headaches also responded. This study confirms what I have observed in my 12 years of treating thousands of patients with Botox – it is a highly effective and safe treatment for frequent migraine headaches.

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