Another study confirming genetic link in migraine.

Genetic analysis of 594 members of 134 families by Spanish researchers confirmed the results of a previous study that discovered a genetic abnormality on the sixth chromosome that seems to be associated with migraines. This genetic marker is present only in a small proportion of migraine sufferers, but it is very likely that there are several or many other genetic abnormalities that predispose to migraine. In patients with familial hemiplegic migraine very specific genes have been identified, but even in this rare form of migraine different families had different genes that were abnormal. This wide variety of genetic factors will make it difficult to develop genetic therapies for migraine, when such therapies become available (probably 10 or more years from now). However, people who have genetic abnormalities are only predisposed to having migraines, but not necessarily will have them. This predisposition makes it more likely that the person will develop migraines, however, avoiding triggers and improving general health may prevent or at least reduce the frequency and the severity of attacks.

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