Alpha lipoic acid relieves migraine headaches

According to a recent study by Magis and colleagues (Headache 2007;47:52-57) daily dose of 600 mg of alpha lipoic acid (also known as thioctic acid) was significantly better than placebo in reducing the frequency of migraine attacks, headache days and pain severity. This natural supplement is being investigated as a treatment for multiple sclerosis and HIV disease and it may be helpful for patients with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s as well as diabetes, strokes and heart attacks. Since the publication of this study we have been recommending alpha lipoic acid to many of our migraine patients.

  1. Pete says: 09/13/201111:36 pm

    I suffer from trigeminal neuralgia and trigeminal autonomic cephalgia, episodes somewhat like migraines in a number of ways. I have found lipoic acid can make me feel great but I have to be very careful not to take too much. If I do, it CAUSES headaches for me. Much theorizing in the alt-med community on lipoic “mobilizing” mercury deposits in the brain, possibly causing more damage and pain if there is not enough accompanying elimination, some agent to carry the mobilized metal out of the body. Approach this with caution, use small amounts at first to test your reaction, then build slowly. Pectin is helpful to carry out heavy metals if they reach the gut, but don’t take pectin with any supplement or it may prevent them from being absorbed. Modified citrus pectin (pectasol) seems to me like a good product to accompany lipoic acid, taken on an empty stomach. Take the lipoic WITH meals and the MCP 3.5 hours later, then be sure not to eat the next meal for an hour or more to give the mcp a chance to be absorbed.

  2. Kellissa says: 07/28/20118:55 pm

    I will be using this for Migraine prophylaxis and daily headaches. I could only get the 100mg pills. SHoulder I take 200mg tid?

  3. Health Synergy Rx says: 03/08/20094:56 pm

    It’s also used to treat peripheral neuropathy and there is a R Lipoic Acid supplement used to regulate blood pressure in diabetics. There are a number of companies manufacturing these supplements with both vegetarian and non vegetarian capsules.

  4. Dr. Mauskop says: 10/04/20076:41 am

    Yes, it is. They come in 200 and 300 mg tablets and 600 mg should be taken daily with food.

  5. Yolanda Serrano says: 10/04/20076:40 am

    Is this the same Alpha lipoic acid that I purchase at a regular vitamin shoppe?

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